Conceptual design

  Here is a preview to our design office, just at the very beginning of the whole process. And that is a fantasy. Fantasy design with technical limitations - it is a conceptual design. Some of the studies presented here, will in future be processed for the first real prototypes. That's the plan ..:-)

Come with us into the depths of imagination and for a moment forget the conventional design.

Speedster art deco

Speedster turbofan, art deco look

This is a concept of retro speedster plane, look as vintage pylon racer. In this aircraft i designed turbofan engine (in model EDF 120mm) so this is retro future concept. This plane is high poygonal model with optimalized export data for CNC milling cutter. We are planing make this plane like as RC model plane with the 120mm edf.




Ultradelta concept

Very simply concept of delta, powered 120mm edf. Autostabil airfoil, carbon fibre, color red Ferrari.



The RC custom jets

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