Because we have a lot question for turbineversion of L-39 kit (2100mm lenght) i designed this version. It is new concept, new basic 3d model with more upgrades. Exactly for 80-100N jet turbine. Simply build and  light construction. Very, very scale.. smile This concept (V4 version) just started..

some picture (rendering)



Version of two seater Mirage, designed for one EDF 120mm or 80-120N Turbine. Lenght about 2000mm. Kit is from plywood 3mm thickness. Flying weight about 8 kg. Next is available huge version 3200 mm lenght for 140-160N Turbine.



I am just working on basic 3d fuselage of pylon racer P-51 - The Galloping Ghost.

It is a custom design, so i started with work on this project.

wingspan about 2200mm

some first 3d sketch:



reworked 3d model, for upgrade using original plan of P51 (rc model), test of area for instaling engine (Kolm)


We are working on cabin mould, front tail, and other accessories.




We finished on new models of weapons for Saab Aeronatic. 



L39 XXL NEWS 14.3.2016 update

glassing fuselage, spray putty, mould of tanks for negative forms:




We are finishing on balsa covered. The actualy weight is about 10kg. Next putt and basic paint.





UPDATE 31.1.2016

Build continues.. smile



 We started build of our huge model L-39 Albatros. This is custom design for our customer. 

It is designed for 200N Turbine, lenght 3500mm, wingspan 2700mm, construction is from plywood and covered balsa sheets. Next glassed and color painted.

first foto:





next build picture comming soon... smile 

Just now i finished new build kit of Mirrage. This airplane is designed for 120mm edf or similiar engine with the thrust about 7-12 kg. This kit is very simply, here is also removable wings after landing gears area. 

some picture better than more




 work in progress smile



Just now we have completed wings and horizontal stabilizators. All full composite. We started new design of fuselage. I have some proposals, but winner is only one, here is:


next we want started our new CNC milling cutter (with the area 2500/1300mm) and create basic model for mould.

This model is under construction between 15-16 months.. The work continues, next picture comming soon..


We are tested build system of this kit. It is a first kit, where we are using cnc mill (no laser).

here is first picture:






Just now i  finished new construction kit of F-18C Hornet. It is designed for one 120mm EDf. Lenght is 2100mm. At first i draw version with diagonal construction like as test. It is for spherical fuselage better system but here it need more materials. So that´s a small


Next i designed new version with the traditional construction. This is a right way for this model plane.

I reduced here material and weight on minimum. Here is complet design before CAM export and next laser cutting:



So I was just a photographer appears first maneuvering and trimming of the new aircraft designed by Paul K. This is his own design, construction. Originally it drew 120mm EDF, but decided to scale and test the concept with 90 fan. Although it seems complicated enough hull shape, the building has been simplified and the model can be built in a few days. This concept aircraft was not chosen by chance, Paul wanted to have everything logistically well organized, so everything should be clearly defined location and installation of components simple and easily accessible. And it is also managed. The model is coated with balsa, repainting and covered with ORACOVER. Signs cut on the plotter. The length is about 1500 mm, weight of lightly over 4 kg. Drive Proven Vasafan 90 mm on 6s Gens.




We are working just now on simply sportjet "La Italia" for 90mm edf. It is our first gfk sportjet (more infos in "under construction") Just now we completed mould for wings. some picture :



This is a one of my older projects. F-18 construction kit is designed for two edf 90mm. Lenght about 1800mm. Wings are from xps and balsa covered. It is under construction. Some picture from first design:


Albatros is a most popular model plane. I think.  We produce this type of aircraft in several scales. smile

On order for several customers we have created a new kit model L-39 Albatros. The customer wanted a version for 200N turbine. This model is 100% copy actual aircraft. The length of the model is about 3500 mm. Some photos from 3Ddesign and laser cut.



On order for several customers we have created a new kit model L-39 Albatros. The customer wanted a version for 90 mm EDF. This model is 100% copy actual aircraft. The length of the model is 1850 mm. Several photos of 3d design and construction.



it is exactly the work that we specialize in. Design and build a model according to customer requirements. It is a job that makes us happy

It is an experiment with aluminum foil. The old model was chosen for scrap, he served but to research. I applied the 0.13 mm thick aluminum foil. Facelift is finished, I'll still be working on it. Continuation soon ..


This is a older project, when i am designing this plane like as classic construction kit. This type (L29) is a litle complicated for strong construction. Because since the central part of the hull is an air duct to the engine. At this point we need a stronger construction for the transmission of forces from the wings and the landing gear. The size of inlet air to the engine is at low template, was used as a radial turbine engine compressor. The model we use axial EDF and need a larger air intakes. I drew this 90 mm model for EDF and tried to design a nearly air inlet and the scale. The length of the plane is 1500 mm, 1500 mm wingspan. Simple construction is almost complete. Even simplify it back, there are too many parts. It's just evolution .. smile 


Today we started development of this full composite plane. Some picture from making right geometry.. smile

Plane is designed for our EDF 120mm or for 80-120 N turbine.


For Swedish manufacturer of jet aircraft we make and delivery some scale /1:4/ models of weapons for new Gripen. As a basis 3D models were supplied by the sponsor. They were subsequently modified and adapted for cnc milling machine. Hooves / MDF and ABS, PVC, PS / surface-modified and molded into. Small Accessories were cast into silicone molds made of polyurethane. Descriptions mostly created in Corel and printed on self-adhesive foil. Water decals were rejected because of an imminent frequent abrasion.



We have launched a new website under the simplified title Customwings, which is much more reasonable only because of entering into search engines etc. We looked more on there a graphical representation of the elements of flat design, although this theme is not about web entirely appropriate for this kind of communication. After all it is a lot of information and it is not enough icons. Almost all pictures are rendered and in order to maintain the same color uniform design tuned. Real products, creations hocus - attempts a pod. We will continue to add to the Gallery section. Web is universal, and there will be other than aircraft and other products and prototypes which are currently We deal (pre-production maquettes from different industries, arts, various custom visualization) At least that's the plan ..:-)

link to new website(beta version - therefore no longer available)

see it, check it.. :-)


e are making on our L-29 huge facelift. There is some pictures of this operation. smile





after maiden flight with defect esc :

  video there:

second flight of our product. With new esc 140A Castle. 10s lipol. The second flight after maiden flight in bad weather, the wind was too strong.

But plane flight in half throttle. After landing we Recharge the batterie about 2300 mAh from 5000mAh.. :-) We tried to aircraft stall speed and risky maneuvers. Model is very good and is suitable for beginners.

video there:


III. flight test with new centrum of gravity, video there:

After testing the new EDF for measuring holder, we produced the first small series of flight tests. The EDF will now be tested in several aircrafts for verify the quality, performance and service. Here are some detailed pictures of the new product.

Just now we are preparing new full carbon 120 mm EDF with 17 blades. This ducted fan is only our product and we make this stuff for huge edf jets. This fun is optimized for 12s lipol with very good charakteristik of static thrust. 

Some data:  42,5 V - 136,5 A  - 5801 W - 26128 ot  -  8,35 kg    1,44 g/W    Baterie  5500 mAh  full

                  39,9 V - 126,0 A  - 5027 W - 24882 ot  -  7,62 kg    1,52 g/W    Baterie  5500 mAh  with 3.8 V cell
some photos:


Welcome at our web pages dedicated mostly to RC models of airplanes driven by turbines and electric ducted fans. This web is mainly focused at authors’ construction- sets of jet models, and the questions of traction and accessories. At the same time we mention also 3D drawing, CNC cutting and milling and also a 3D print. These are always related to construction and building of airplane models.

We further offer at our web pages the possibility of processing of your 3D design of the model selected by you and consequently we are able to manufacture its customized building kit. We are not limited only at jet airplanes in this case. Everything is organized by mutual e-mail consultations. During development and design we inform you about a progress and we also implement your constructers’ habits into the newly developed model. By means of the laser or a CNC milling machine, the building kit is afterwards (after your confirmation) cut into a plywood, according to your preferred way. This takes approximately 2 months. (It cannot be done in a week time … J.)