Classic construction

Welcome at our web pages dedicated mostly to RC models of airplanes driven by turbines and electric ducted fans. This web is mainly focused at authors’ construction- sets of jet models, and the questions of traction and accessories. At the same time we mention also 3D drawing, CNC cutting and milling and also a 3D print. These are always related to construction and building of airplane models.

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Composite models

We develop our own composite aircraft models, we are working only with your own design, not copied ... 

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Custom works (prototyping)

We create special-purpose models of various objects according to the client. From the initial idea to the real form.

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About us

We are a group of enthusiasts related to technology, design, creation and mainly related to air modeling.

 Our hobby is creation of models and prototypes of special-purpose models and templates. Consequently does not merely on the aircraft, we are able to tackle almost any project. We are equipped with our own CNC technology, we mastered CAD. In fact, no project is not enough for us mad. We work on order, we accept the NDA (confidentiality)

About us


Scale accessories

  We are working on new scale accesories. For our kits is can be ordered scale cocpit, pilots and other parts of 3D printer and resin. Is possible also ordered custom scale cockpit for other airplanes. More info about scale cocpits and other parts in email.







some pictures of prototypes:



Eurofighter Typhoon XXL

 Eurofighter Typhoon XXL

 New build kit of EF2000 in scale 1/4. Build kit is designed like as modular system. Airplane is split in some parts, every part is possible built on table in right geometry. After balsa covering (3mm of thickness) is prepare for glue together. Kit is cut from poplar and birch plywood. In set is also parts from 3D printer (PET-G, ABS). For this kit we produce scale cockpit, pilot, scale landing gear set. The plane was designed for two turbines 200-250N, fuel tank 15L, flyight weight between 60-70kg. Just now we are waiting for certification. Preparing kit is around 8 weeks.



Behind the scenes ... L-29

Behind the scenes ... L-29 

 it is a older project, friend in scale of our xxl L-39 Albatros. This build kit is also in scale 1/03,5. Designed for 140-160N turbine. Just in progress.


L-39 from Austria

L-39 xxl from Austria

We recieved some photos (feedback) from Christian and his build L39 xxl kit. It is very nice work, clean surface with minimum filling putty. Build this huge model need some experience with classic building. It not so easy as it appears at first sight. :-)


The Galloping Ghost

The Galloping Ghost comming...

  Custom design proposal kit. After consultation with the customer adjustment to the wingspan of 3000 mm. Intended motor excellent Kolm IL 310. The original proposal is based on the proven model P-51st Consultations took place here and the author plans. The design is in two version of construction.



  The model will be built in our country in three copies. We will also propose the retracs landing gears with legs, cockpit and some other scale ccessories. Cutouts will in part on the laser and in part on the milling machine. The attached sketches, the initial structural design at real thickness. Just now we are building two version. First version designed for Kolm engine IL310 and second version (light and economical)  designed for Roto engine 130.



FW - 190 first design

  For engine Moki 250 ccm started design of this airplane. We can just using full composite technology. It is a first sketch without aerodynamical airfoil. Draw in midle density of polygons. For cnc mill we prepare remodeling in Hi-res. This 3D model is only for first control of scale.







News on table

New Albatros - turbine version on table

Custom design "small" Albatross is over. It is now necessary physical control of the virtual model. Albatros still based on the proven aerodynamic design and uses the same profile and geometry settings as the first test model. He has had it for over a hundred flights. The structure is very lightweight, is used in lightweight poplar plywood and a 6-ply birch plywood with a thickness of 3 mm. That is the strength and weight-optimized. The kit is a combination of laser cut parts and milled parts. The construction is intuitive  to build need only a few screens. Individual parts fit correctly only in places where they should be. They are not interchangeable. The skeleton is built on a flat plate with a length of 2100 mm.


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Our work

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Scale models of weapons for new Gripen

We developed about 100 pcs model scale weapons for Saab Aeronautic


17 blades EDF 120 mm

We are testing our new 17 blades edf (120mm).

The RC custom jets

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